MedTech One World Students at the 1st Ethiopian – German Networking Days on Medical Technology

On April 10th, five members of  MedTech OneWorld Students (MTOWS) visited Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to follow up on our existing partnerships and get in touch with potential future partners. They were joined by Adrian and Max, two other members of MTOWS, who had stayed in Ethiopia for l six months to work on  their master’s theses. Together they visited local healthcare facilities and non-government organizations focused on medical aid. They reached many motivated people and potential partners for the Global Health Challenge.

MTOWS at the Tegbareid Polytechnic College


The 1st Ethiopian – German Symposium on Medical Plastics Engineering was held on April 16th with great support from our students of MTOWS. It featured speakers from a great variety of firms, governmental and non-governmental institutions involved in medical technology and we are happy about the great participation, highlighted by the numerous discussions and newly formed collaborations.

Some of our MTOWS at the 1st Ethiopian – German Symposium on Medical Plastics Engineering

On the final day, Max Schlegel and Adrian Holste donated their molten-injection parts and foot parts to Cheshire Ethiopia, that can immediately start the production with their existing machines and local supplies.  

We are very thankful for the many motivated participants and supporters and are looking forward to very productive, long term partnerships.

Members of MTOWS during a visit in Alert Hospital