Who we are

We are MedTech One World Students e.V.: a student association spun off from the Chair of Medical Materials and Implants at the Technical University of Munich. Currently we are 30 members who have been working on different projects since June 2018.

Our goals are to develop innovative medical technologies, to build a wide network and to increase knowledge and know-how transfer in order to improve the medical-technological situation especially with a focus on developing and emerging countries.


Our current structure comprises three departments, each with different tasks. It is up to each student to decide how he or she wants to be a part of our team. For example, you can choose between:


The communication team is mainly responsible for all the administrative tasks regarding internal and external communication in order to establish an efficient team work and integration of new members and to give current updates towards the public through media and events.


The cooperation team is in charge of finding sponsors and elaborating common concepts. It also involves administrative tasks regarding the database of the cooperation partners. As a result, we receive support and input to new projects through a large network of contacts.


The engineering teams carry out research on new medical technology solutions which can be used and produced in emerging markets. They generally manage the technical tasks of the projects.


Our vision

We elaborate medical technology for developing and emerging countries and want to provide not only products but also knowledge transfer and help for self-help.

The vision statement of the group can be summarized in the following points:

  • Consolidating an international network of contacts, partners and sponsors
  • Launching new international student projects
  • Improvement of the medical-technical situation in terms of global health
  • Development of innovative technologies and knowledge transfer
Adrian (2nd from left) and Max (3rd from left)  are two members of MTOWS who were in Ethiopia during five months (November 2018 – April 2019) writing their Master Theses (Deutschlandradio / Christian Nusch)