First Aid Scooter Tech

In today’s post we bring you another project developed for our first edition of the Global Health Challenge: FAST, the First Aid Scooter Tech.


What is the problem and who is suffering because of it?

This development is a solution for a problem in many cities, in which due to the overcrowded traffic and bad infrastructures, the ambulances are sometimes not able to reach medical emergencies on time.

Stuck ambulance in a traffic jam

FAST (First Aid Scooter Tech) has been created to provide adequate first-aid to anyone who needs time-sensitive medical treatment, in order to increase the survival rates after accidents or emergencies.

The solution:

The idea is to adapt the rear box of the scooters and convert it in a first-aid medical box, as you can see in the picture below. The content of the boxes includes these three main medical fields: diagnostics, consumption and ventilation/suction.


Furthermore, some special features of the boxes are:

  • A cover as a blanket, which can also assure a more hygienic treatment.
  • Functional module bags
  • Practical box design
  • Phone maintenance App, with a checklist that is updated after each use

FAST is thought to be used in addition to existing ambulances. The improvement is that it would allow a doctor or a nurse to reach the emergency location in the first place and start with the manoeuvres of the first aid as soon as possible.

The team

  • Mira Mahavadi
  • Thao Mai
  • Melanie Niebuhr
  • Helga Ritzl
  • Ottavia Rossini