COPE: COVID-19 Prevention – face masks for Ethiopians



The current COVID-19 pandemic is causing worldwide challenges and exceptional circumstances. Since there is no vaccine or effective medicine available yet the only possibility to prevent a rapid spread among the population are personal hygienic measures such as keeping distance and following hygienic rules. Particularly in everyday encounters face masks have proven to be an effective precaution.

With our project we provide 500,000 face masks for the citizens of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We hope that especially the poorest members of society can benefit from this project. Often they have no possibility of staying at home and cannot keep distance in cramped living areas.

Hopefully we will have a positive impact on the COVID-19 prevention in Ethiopia and will help to provide the chance of protecting everybody’s social environment.

We are honored to work with our Partner University Tegbare-id Polytechnic College in Addis Ababa on this project. They support us with the logistics and distribution in the community in Addis Ababa.



We are very grateful that the company Melitta Group was so kind to provide 500,000 of their face mask sets. We’d like to thank Melitta for their effort and support to make this project happen!

Furthermore, we’d like to thank Dr. Frank Drewnick from the Max Planck Institute Mainz who supports us on the scientific side, especially regarding the testing of the filter material of the facial masks. With his team he conducts tests of microbial cleanliness, bacterial filtration efficiency and differential pressure. A big thank you to Dr. Drewnick and his team!


Our project team consists of six students and scientists from MedTech One World Students e.V., an expert in global health and psychiatrist Dr. med. Krahl, a physicist from Max Planck Institute Dr. Drewnick and as mentioned our Ethiopian Partners from Tegbare-id Polytechnic College Ato Teshome and colleagues.