Julia Schmidbauer joins the committee

MedTech OneWorld Students e.V. warmly welcomes Julia Schmidbauer to our committee, where she continues Leonie Gartner’s great stewardship of MedTech OneWorld Students e.V., providing a home for innovative student projects. Elected by the general meeting, she joins Simon as Treasurer and Fabian in international collaborations. Julia’s impactful work in our Madagascar toothbrush project denTUM reflects her commitment to global health, aligning with our mission to improve healthcare in underserved regions. Her leadership, supported by Simon’s financial oversight and Fabian’s coordination with international partners, positions MedTech OneWorld Students e.V. for impactful advancements in medical technologies for communities in need. We’re excited about Julia’s addition and deeply appreciate the outstanding contributions of Leonie and the continued contributions of Simon and Fabian.