MedTech One World Students presents at the Future Council of the Bavarian Economy

This year, the Future Council of the Bavarian Economy has put the wide area of health on its agenda. At this year’s Congress, the vbw-survey on “health and medicine – challenges and opportunities was presented. It highlighted the key developments in the health care system, identified the opportunities and potentials of new technologies and clarified the importance of the healthcare industry for Bavaria.


As a part of the Institute of Medical and Polymer Engineering we were able to introduce our student initiative during this event. The Chairman of the Future Council and President of the Technical University of Munich, Prof. Herrmann (3. f. l) showed great interest in the developed ankle prosthesis of the research associate Fabian Jodeit (4. f. l) who works at the Institute of Medical and Polymer Engineering. The students of the Medtech One World initiative, Maximilian Schlegel (1. f. l) and Maria Begona Rojas (2. f. l) presented a further ankle prosthesis to the congress guests, which was produced with accessible production technologies in Ethiopia.